Questions to both Candidates

1.President Moura has done a great job of focusing IEEE on members and he has started the       organization on a path of greater transparency​. 

   a.How do you propose to carry on the excellent work started by our current President and     how would you improve on his effort?

    b.​How do you feel about what President Moura has done?

2. In 2020 the number of academic members is going to surpass the number of industry     members, even while industry members as a whole is a much larger group. What do you   intend to do to reverse this trend, if anything?

3. 78% of new graduates that are IEEE members while in school drop their membership in two   years after graduation. What do you intend to do to stop this trend?

4. Papers, patents and society memberships are great, but what is your experience with:
      a. Leading a large organization?
      b. Driving change in an organization?
      c. Relating to the special needs of volunteers?

5. What are the three biggest issues that IEEE faces as an organization?

6. In 2018 we started the IEEE Presidents Forum in an effort to help connect top leadership     with the membership. Something that was really needed.
        a.Do you support the continuation of yearly President’s Forum?
        b.What would you do to help support this grass roots effort?

7. Attached is the summary slide from the 2018 President’s Forum. Comment on the   statements from our membership.